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A church picnic in 1915, with Rev. Peebles in the front row.


The Archives Committee is a standing committee charged with collecting and preserving documents relating to the history of the church. These include minutes and other materials from the Board, committees, and individuals. We also organize the material and make decisions about what to keep. At suitable times, we may be asked to update the church history.

Chair:  John Clay

Meeting Times are irregularly the second Tuesday of the month at 10am at the church. Contact John Clay for more information or to find out about the next meeting. New committee members are always welcome. Be a Part of History!

What records should your committee put into the archives and in what format?

         See the guideline attachment at the end of this page

Annual Reports

Annual ReportsThe church has published an Annual Report every year or two for many years now. It consists of reports from various committees and groups, each generally of one-half to one and one-half pages in length, and reports from the Minister, the Board President, the Music Director and the Director of Religious Education. Since 2009, the Archive Committee has had the job of requesting, combining, and publishing the reports. Annual reports starting with 2002 are available online (see below).

Guidelines for Annual Reports (Click to read or download from attachments below.)

Unitarian Universalist History and Development links

A Daily Journal of Our 20-month Remodeling of this Building

Request records of committee meetings or eBulletins that are not currently stored on the website from archives@uueugene.org


The Photo Above:

Church Gathering, 1915 (A Picnic?)  This picture was taken by founding member Roy Andrews in 1915. The man with a beard sitting on the grass is Rev. Stephen Peebles, then about 70 years old. Unfortunately, Peebles is the only person identified in the photograph. In the early years of the church, the Women's Alliance had a number of picnics at the home of Mrs. Amelia Bancroft on College Crest and this could well be the location of this photo. Her house was most likeley located at the south end of College Hill because the Alliance members would ride the trolley to the College Crest station at 28th and Friendly to go to these picnics. Incidentally, College Hill got its name from Columbia College, which was located there circa 1856-1860. Photo courtesy University of Oregon Library.


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